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Bothbest Bamboo Plywood Structure

Bamboo plywood is an ideal green material for making furniture, kitchen cabinet, worktop, door, stair steps because it is safe and strong, and 100% solid bamboo from outside to very inside, no any wood waste to be filled in. The staff made of bamboo plywood is no need of edge banding to cover the cut on the edges because it is very clean and clear. As bamboo strips are individual pieces, so we can press them as our decision and we create different pressing options to get different structures. We also have the structure in strand woven in 2 options, one is single layer in strand woven, the other is face and bottom layer are strand woven, the core layers are regular horizontal or vertical. Just the 2 layers are different, the basic structure is the same. The density of strand woven bamboo plywood is actually higher than horizontal and vertical, so the stuff made of strand woven will be stronger and more durable.

Bamboo Plywood Structure

Single layer: 5mm in horizontal and vertical, 6mm in vertical only, 19mm in vertical only. The thickness of bamboo strips maximum for single layer in horizontal grain is 5mm, otherwise the back side of strips will have some defects, looks very terrible, so we only do 5mm thickness. But for 6mm, it will be OK, because the strips will be pressed together vertically, the face side will be always perfect, no holes, no cracks. The most cost-effective thickness is 19mm for 1 layer, because this is original height of each strip stands vertically, no need of splitting and any extra cut.

Bamboo Plywood Structure

2 layers: it is always for 10mm thickness, this structure is pressed by 2 layers of 5mm thickness bamboo strips. It is a little thin, so it will be a little bending for the full size board of 2440x1220x10mm, this is natural characteristics of this thickness, same as 5mm, 6mm.

Bamboo Plywood Structure

3 layers: this structure comes very stable and strong, uneasy to be deformed, no crack, no holes. It is cross-pressed of bamboo strips, first layer is horizontal pressed, middle layer is strips standing vertically, bottom layer is horizontal pressed again, this structure will ensure the board with full size of 4’x8x’3/4” stable, no bending, no warping, flat and smooth. 3 layers can be thickness of 6.35mm or 1/4”, 12.7mm or 1/2”, 15mm, 19mm or 3/4”, 25mm, or 30mm. For 3 layers of 6.35mm, each layer is only 2mm, so you can imagine how strong it is.

Bamboo Plywood Structure

5 layers: It can be 25mm and 40mm thickness, this structure is super strong, a nice structure for kitchen countertops, doors, stair steps. We have designed 3 types of pressing for different applications. Type A: face layer and bottom layer are horizontal or vertical, the core 3 layers are in horizontal but cross-structure. This structure is 25mm thickness, mainly for making table top, drawers.

Bamboo Plywood Structure

Type B: face layer and bottom layer are horizontal or vertical, the core 3 layers are ALL in horizontal and in one direction, it can be 25mm and 40mm thickness, this structure is always for making kitchen countertops.

Bamboo Plywood Structure

Type C: face layer and bottom layer are horizontal or vertical, the core 3 layers are in horizontal and vertical with cross-structure, core first and bottom layer are horizontal, core middle layer is vertical. It is in 40mm thickness, mainly for making doors, stair steps.

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