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China Zinc Alloy Bibcock suppliers

China Zinc Alloy Bibcock suppliers Zinc lock bibcock Zinc lock bibcock is made by zinc alloy, the price is cheaper more than brass bibcock, but the quality is not well than brass bibcock. Zinc alloy characteristics 1. Relatively significant ratio. 2. Good casting performance, can die-cast complex shape, thin-walled precision parts, smooth casting surface. 3. Surface treatment can be conducted: electroplating, spraying, painting, polishing, grinding, etc. 4. No iron absorption during melting and die-casting, no corrosion and compression type, and no adhesive mold. 5. Good room temperature mechanical performance and wear resistance. 6. Low melting point, melting at 385鈩? easy to die-cast molding. Product Parameter SIZE: 1/2" * 3/4" Material: ZINC ALLOY Field of Application:WATER Working pressure: 16-30Bar/160-300 Psi Connection: Male-Female, Working Temperature: -20鈩?to 120 鈩?/p> Brass material (Hpb57-3) chemical composition Cu Pb Fe Sn Al Ni Mn 57.40672.47950.85520.76020.09850.34130.0404 Si Zn As Bi Ag Cr Sb 0.131237.81580.00070.0010.02480.00520.0255 Co Mg P S Ti V In 0.00210.00020.00010.00020.00010.00010.0002 Mo Nb Zr W Hg 0.00010.00010.00020.00010.0001 Certificate Quality Control Production Room Assemble line and Packing line Office Room Factory Gate And Warehouse RoomChina Zinc Alloy Bibcock suppliers website:http://www.bote-valves.com/bibcock/zinc-alloy-bibcock/

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