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About: Yuantong Wuxi is one of the Chinese suppliers leading in industrial gases, medical gases and offers related services, operating in 75 countries and has more than 200 employees. Yuantong on the basis of constantly updated technology to provide customers with innovative solutions, products dry ice, air (oxygen, nitrogen, argon, rare gases) and all kinds of other gases, including hydrogen. We are also offering our customers many daily life necessary products such as bubble drinks, the protection gases of food packaging, hospital and family therapy like medical oxygen, the semiconductor industry for ultra pure gas and hydrogen fuel desulfurization, etc.
Yuantong Wuxi has always been committed to sustainable development and the protection of life. We founded in 2000, on the basis of the principle of enterprise management we successfully established trust and transparent relationship with our shareholders. Since Yuantong Wuxi first financial statements published in 2000, Yuantong Wuxi keeps a steady rise in sales and profits remaining strong. In 2016, We have sales of more than 50 million. Nearly 60% of our sales are outside Wuxi.
Yuantong Wuxi business spread in most of the industrial area in China.: North of Beijing, tianjin, liaoning, shandong, east of Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang, western sichuan, hubei and guangdong in the south. Yuantong applies its experience in the field of industrial service in the advanced Chinese economy.helium cylinder price

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