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COMPANY PROFILE Established in 2000 and evolved from Delixi Dept.7, YINGLANG is a company focused on the manufacture of electric products. We have established long term business relationship with companies from over 30 countries and districts, including the U.S., the U.K., Japan, Vietnam, Italy, Espana, Argentina, Egypt, Yugoslavia, Hong Kong, Morocco, etc. With an abundant experience of manufacturing and international business, YINGLANG has a turnover of 40 million US dollars last year. This year our target is 80 million. In Yueqing, we have been evaluated as the AAA grade enterprise by the Bank of China. Our products are used wherever processes need to run automatically. This may be in industrial production facilities, in the field of renewable energies, in infrastructure or for complex device connection. They are used wherever current and data flow and need to be connected, distributed, and controlled. The benefits of our products go beyond their pure function: they help you to design more efficient processes and reduce costs. To us, quality is the most important factor. We have got CE, VDE, BS, UL certificate, etc. for over 40 kinds of products. And we have our own brands which now are well-known for their good quality all over the world. Having obtained ISO9001:2008 twelve years ago, YINGLANG has established a strict quality control system. High-quality products and after-sales service is our foothold in this severe competition. In the principle of 鈥渜uality and reputation must come first鈥? we provide customers with products of high-quality and various types. Facing the fierce competition, our products are never considered perfect by ourselves because they are constantly being improved. No one product of our鈥檚 eclipses all the others in sales. Instead we have a very wide and well-balanced range of products. Each product is the result of our engineers' committed approach to superior design and our production department's dedication to superior quality. We are committed to finding the best possible solution to the price-quality equation, and every year we work diligently to increase quality and output while also reducing price. YINGLANG gives you professionally approved products and professional quality parts across all products categories. Our range has been testified by engineers as giving comparable quality to that of the leading brands without paying a premium price. We have the culture to turn adverse challenges into chances to develop ourselves. We also have strong determination to accomplish our business goals by overcoming adversity. Therefore we can accept challenges to make innovative breakthroughs and continue to create new value. Relying on science and technology, we continuously improve the technology attribute of our products, so as to create higher market value for customers, companies and the society. We are well aware that technological innovation is the key to our sustainable development锛宎nd we continue to lean on low-carbon technology to realize green production. Green, intelligent, and fashion will be the core of our new round development. We offer advanced electronic and mechanical components designed to provide a comfortable interface between people and machines for a variety of areas, ranging from industrial to C&C (consumer and commercial) to automotive sectors. By challenging ourselves to bringing innovation to manufacturing, we strive to help people live in a more convenient, comfortable, and cleaner environment. Always upholding the business philosophy of 鈥渜uality, service-orientation, integrity, pragmatism, and self-motivation,鈥?YINGLANG is creating perfect management system and is in good faith to create enterprises of good reputation and to win the respect of our domestic counterparts. Leading our colleagues and collaborate as a team by sharing the same value, we have strong determination to contribute to our customers鈥?success and to be a trusted partner for our customers. Therefore, we can deliver inspirational value by standing in the customer鈥檚 shoes and offer outstanding quality products, services and technology to satisfy our customers. Since the establishment of the company, we focus on the R&D, design, manufacture and sales of electrical products such as Switches, Sockets, Plugs, Lamp Holders, Circuit Breakers, Surge Protection Device, Rectifier, UPS, Contactors, Cable and Electric Accessories, etc. 鈥淐hina鈥檚 largest selection of electric components available for immediate shipment鈥?nbsp;is the promise to ourselves. 鈥淗onesty, equity, and customers' satisfaction鈥?is our promise to you. Hand in hand, let's create a splendid future. Digital Voltmeter Panel Mount in stock website:http://www.cnyinglang.com/
Digital Voltmeter Panel Mount in stock
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