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Product Introduction G2040PV/800V/1000V/1500V series surge protector is suitable for the new energy solar power generation system with the working voltage of 800V/1000V/1500V. The installation position is in the total power supply system of direct current circuit, to protect the indirect lightning current, direct lightning current or other instantaneous overvoltage. Product Parameter Product feature and details Standard features on the devices include: 鈼?Model with VT technology to eliminate leakage current & follow current for better reliability and robustness. 鈼?Rating: 1.Max. Permitted DC Voltage (Vpvdc): 85-1500Vdc 2.Surge capacity (8/20 渭s)锛?0kA 鈼?TUV recognized for PV/ Photovoltaic system. 鈼?Pluggable design with window fault indication. Product Qualification We can take your order direct via phone, fax, email. We can ship by any method desired. We accept VISA, Western Union, TT, Credit Card. You may order through any favorite distributor. GanDian Lightning Protection Electric co., LTD manufactures products for the protection of electrical and electronic equipment against malfunction and damage that may be caused by lightning and surges. These surge protective devices (SPD) are for equipment operating on: 1) AC power up to 50/60 Hz, single & three phase 2) DC power up to 1500 VDC 3) coaxial applications 4) Signal, communications systems 5) Custom We provide regular training to our employees to keep them updated with the latest advancements in the industry. Our team is our strength and they have helped us enormously to reach the heights of success in this industry. Integrity, brand, management and innovation has always been our business philosophy. To adapt to the personalized needs of customers for products, we constantly research and develop new technology, material, craft and products. We provide a full range of pre-sale, sale and after-sale service system to our customers with the best technology and the shortest R&D cycle. When you have a design need make sure GADA is your first point of contact. You can contact our experienced design team right now by calling +86-577-61750825 FAQ Q1: What does a whole house surge protector do? A: When your whole-home surge protector lets through smaller surges, that voltage courses through your home's wiring trying to reach (and kill) sensitive electronics. But if you've installed a point-of-use surge protector, these devices will absorb that extra voltage before it ever reaches your electronics. Q2: Are surge protectors worth it? A: Yes, lightning can and does cause electrical surges, but the voltage of lightning is so great that most surge protectors won't be able to withstand their power. During a lightning storm, the only way to be absolutely sure that your devices won't be surged is to unplug them. Q3: Do you offer a catalog? A:Yes. you can email us at [email protected] with your mailing address and CATALOG REQUEST in the subject line of the email. Q4: What's the difference between a surge protector and a fuse? A: A fuse is designed to stop sudden large electric currents from damaging the equipment in your house. Most fuses are very thin pieces of wire designed to allow only so much current through them. A fuse, then, is a very drastic form of protection: if anything happens, it shuts off the electricity completely. A surge protector is designed to smooth out smaller fluctuations in voltage and it doesn't normally shut down the circuit when a problem occurs. You need both fuses and surge protectors for good protection from electrical problems. The effective production departments enable us to delivery the goods in time and each customer will be noticed about the delivery time before the order and to make sure customer鈥檚 benefit. We put a lot of hard work into making sure we supply you with the products you want, but we also know, no matter what we do, sometimes, issues to arise, so when you find a problem, please contact us in time. After your goods arrive, we will contact with you to ensure the delivery was received, and also to inquire how the products sold or how greeted by end-users. Your feedback is vital for us to improve. We welcome your customers, both good and bad, and strive to offer alternatives or improvements for you future orders.Customized Dc Spd website:http://www.cnlerdw.com/spd/dc-spd/
Customized Dc Spd
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