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Model No.: AZ811 Product Name: U lock with alarm Product Image Gallery Product Description:Alarm Steel U-Lock, Heavy Duty, Anti-Theft for Bicycle, e-Bike Product Feature:Weatherproof Anti-theft Alarm U lock How to use锛?/p>shackle alarm system Colorblack Mounting Bracketn/a Combinationn/a Key2pcs/set Combination Number1500 Total Length Feature & Details 鈼?Combines the strength of an anti-cutting hardened steel shackle with an easy-to-set, one touch 110db alarm for both resistance and deterrence. 鈼?Heat-treated hardened steel shackle resists cutting and attacks. 鈼?PVC shackle cover won鈥檛 scratch your bike. 鈼?Mounting Bracket System: Includes transportation bracket system for versatile carrying. 鈼?Shackle Dimensions (inner): 83mm x 153mm (3.2in x 6in) | 13mm hardened steel shackle | 1055g. / 2.3lbs (lock only).Buy Alarm Lock website:http://www.anzhonglock.com/alarm-lock/
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