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About Foremost Chem FOREMOST CHEM is an international chemical products supplier from China. The headquarter is located in Zhengzhou City, in the middle of China. As a superior chemical supplier since 2007, FOREMOST CHEM supply high-quality solvents, resins, PVC- stabilizers, plasticizers, fine chemical intermediates, and rubber additives. We focus on the industries of paints and coatings, inks and adhesives, plastics, rubber, food, and pharmaceutical. To satisfy our customers' one-stop procurement, we further complement our production line and can supply more products in oil drilling, mining and construction. FOREMOST CHEM builds its reliable reputation by supplying good quality products, reasonable price, professional logistics and documentation service, financial supports. We always desire our service can help our customers increase performance, improve quality and fulfill designated business objectives. Our Advantages: 鈼?Fast reactions (All emails will be answered within 24 hours) 鈼?One-stop procurement 鈼?Various volume supply whatever in bulk or small quantity 鈼?Professional suggestions on logistics and documentation 鈼?Strict quality control by visiting plants and making SGS inspections before shipment 鈼?Bring customers first-hand policy information in the place of originIso-Propyl Acetate website:http://www.foremost-chem.com/
Iso-Propyl Acetate
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