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Fogsen zoo mist system used in zoo. WeKeeping animals healthy is the top priority at the zoo. If the animal's habitat cannot maintain a perfect balance, it will cause serious health problems. Especially in warm areas, heat can cause serious problems. When zoos decide to take care of non-native animals that require special climates (such as polar bears or snow tigers), they also assume responsibility for placing these animals in a safe environment. In order to withstand high temperatures, the zoo has proposed many solutions, from air-conditioned habitats to providing a large amount of water, to taking more creative measures, such as feeding the "bloodshot" of animals with frozen favorite food. However, these solutions are not always feasible or feasible, especially in larger outdoor environments. Installing a zoo spray system to balance animal habitat is an ideal way to solve this problem.Disinfection Odor Control company website:http://www.fogsen.com/disinfection-odor-control/
Disinfection Odor Control company
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