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QUALITY-ORIENTED AND SERVICE-ORIENTED ABOUT US Xiamen Gemstone Industrial Co.,Ltd is a diversified stone professional industry and trade enterprise integrating stone mining, processing, construction, import and export trade. It is built by a high-quality management team. Executives and technicians have more than 20 years of rich experience in stone. From the quarrying of stone blocks, procurement, the decomposition of CAD architectural drawings and the production of processing drawings, the processing, quality inspection, construction, import and export trade services of various stone products in the factory, a rigorous and responsible process has been formed Professional team. The company wholly owns the following enterprises: Xiamen Gemstone Trading Co.,Ltd Xiamen Run Jian Industrial Co.,Ltd Jiangxi Sinstar Stone Co.,Ltd Jiangxi Run Yue Industry and Trade Co., Ltd Subordinate enterprises: Nan鈥檃n Hua Jiong Stone Co.,Ltd, Nan鈥檃n Shi Tong Hua Bo Stone Co.,Ltd The pursuit of high-quality product quality and service is the company's consistent aim. The company's experienced QC team is stationed in each factory, and the construction staff cooperates at the construction site for a long time to ensure that the quality of each production link is strictly controlled. Rich stone experience, high quality and service, and competitive prices, Xiamen Gemstone enjoys a reputation in the stone industry, and its products are sold in Europe, the United States, Australia, the Middle East, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia. To domestic construction sites. Xiamen Gemstone treats each project professionally and seriously, and hopes that both parties can establish long-term cooperative relations.G654 Black Cobblestone for Flooring factory website:http://www.xmgemstone.com/
G654 Black Cobblestone for Flooring factory
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