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Our History Ts mould is our overseas mould sales company. Our Factory Ts mould set design, development, production, sales and service in one. Is the car interior and exterior decoration parts, bumper, dashboard, lights and a variety of plastic mold company. With the unremitting efforts of all the staff, we have achieved excellent results. Company introduces the domestic and foreign high-precision technology and equipment for high speed machining centers, CNC deep hole machining, mold bedding-in spark machine, precision machining and other advanced processing equipment to ensure product quality. With new design concept, German quality, Japanese efficiency and perfect quality system as the target, Ts sincerely welcomes all new and old customers and friends to come to visit, exchange and cooperation! Our Product Ts mould, is a professional design, research and development and manufacturing as one of the injection mold enterprises. We have special experience in producing custom moulds, specializing in automotive moulds and pipe fitting moulds. Automotive moulds include the car interior and exterior decoration parts, bumper, dashboard, lights and a variety of plastic mold. And as pipe fitting mould, including sanitary and drainage system, drinking water supply, roof drainage, agricultural irrigation, and gas supply of PVC, PPR, PP, HDPE, ABS, PPSU and other materials. Product Application 1. Automotive mold is mainly used to produce multiple parts of automobiles, the car interior and exterior decoration parts, bumper, dashboard, lights and a variety of plastic mold. 2. Pipe fittings moulds can used in home decoration system, building engineering piping system, municipal engineering pipeline system, agricultural irrigation pipeline system 3. Plastic moulds have domestic use, industrial use and outdoor use. 4. SMC mould, with excellent electrical insulation properties, mechanical properties, thermal stability, resistance to chemical corrosion. Production Equipment Our Main Processing Equipment: 1.High Speed 5axis CNC machine 2. High Speed 3axis CNC machine 3. Spotting machine 4. EDM machine 5. Spotting machine Production Market Our products are mainly sold to Europe, South America and Middle East. Our Service Ts mould use ERP system to manage the purchasing, processing, project, etc. Electronic documents control actual working status, every department, every staff working in the same software platform, share and perform the same data. Every customer has a complete sales system from the development to the completion of the last order. It is our consistent philosophy to adhere to the rules.Plastic Injection Headlight Mould suppliers website:http://www.tsbestmould.com/
Plastic Injection Headlight Mould suppliers
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