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Epoxy Resin for Wind Power Materials manufacturers Product Description 聽 Itemname:YPE-128 product APPLICATION锛欵poxy resin used in anticorrosive coatings for ships, containers, construction machinery, coil steel, etc CAS锛?1788-97-4 聽 聽 Packing Specification 聽 Packed In Plastic Box , 20kg/drum-240kg/drum 聽 Implementation Standard GB/T19001-2016//ISO9001:2015 GB/T24001-2016//ISO14001:2015 GB/T28001-2011//OHSAS18001:2007 GB/T23331-2012//ISO50001:2011//RB/T 114-2014 聽 Parameter Comparison Table CodeAppearanceEpoxy equivalent锛?/strong>g/Eq锛?/strong>Epoxide number锛?/strong>eq/100g锛?Softening point锛堚剝锛?/strong>Viscosity (25鈩?/strong>)Hydrolysis chloride %鈮わ級 Total chloried锛?/strong>%锛?Volatile matter锛?/strong>%鈮わ級 (Color) Gardner锛冣墹 YPE-128Transparent liquid, no obvious impurities184~1940.515~0.543鈥?/p> 11000~150000.03鈥?/p> 0.51 YPE-128PTransparent liquid, no obvious impurities186~1900.526~0.538鈥?/p> 12000~140000.030.08~0.180.51 YPE-128HTransparent liquid, no obvious impurities184~1940.515~0.543鈥?/p> 15000~200000.03鈥?/p> 0.51 YPE-128RTransparent liquid, no obvious impurities184~1940.515~0.543鈥?/p> 12000~160000.4鈥?/p> 0.51 YPE-128HGTransparent liquid, no obvious impurities190~2100.476~0.526鈥?/p> 15000~300000.03鈥?/p> 0.51 聽 Advantages锛?/strong> 聽 Advantages of using epoxy resin for wind turbine blade core 1. Excellent performance of epoxy resin: Epoxy resin has high mechanical properties, strong cohesion, dense molecular structure, excellent bonding performance, small curing shrinkage (product size stability, small internal stress, not easy to crack), insulation, corrosion resistance, stability and excellent heat resistance (up to 200鈩?or higher), is widely used in electronic and electrical, coatings, composite materials and other fields. 聽 FAQ: 聽 Can you provide drawings and technical data? A: Yes, our professional technical department will design and provide drawings and techical data. 聽 Have your products been exported? A: Yes, they have been exported to USA, Canada, Australia, Russia,Chile,Panama,Nicaragua, UAE, Saudi Arabia,Egypt,Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Iran,Vietnam, Indonisia,Singapore,Greece,Netherland,Georgia,Romania,Ireland, India, Thailand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, HK,Taiwan... 聽 Can the products be manufactuered by customer's requirement? A: Yes, the specifications stated above are the standard ones, we can design and manufacture as requirement. 聽Epoxy Resin for Wind Power Materials manufacturers website:http://www.eawinwin.com/epoxy-resin-on-wind-power/epoxy-resin-for-wind-power-materials/
Epoxy Resin for Wind Power Materials manufacturers
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