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2 Holes Lacing Washers

2 Holes Lacing Washers Our History Xinze Insulation supplies Co.,Ltd in Shenzhen, China has many years of combined experience in the insulation fastener manufacturing industry, we have the intelligence and proficiency to accommodate all of your insulation fasteners needs, in addition, we have the knowledge to solve all of your application issue, no matter how simple or complex they may be. Our Product Stainless steel Lacing anchor /quilting pins/ Square and round self-locking washers/Dome caps/2 holes lacing washers and lacing hooks/cup head welding pins/ welded D-rings/self adhesive insulation stick pins/ Perforated Base insulation pins/CD weld pins/Stainless steel toggle Latches/Stainless steel banding/Stainless steel wing seals/ Stainless steel springs Product Application Insulation Blankets/fireproof covers/thermal jackets/marine/ shipyard/Duct insulation/curtain wall Our Certificate SGS/UCS/CQC2 Holes Lacing Washers website:http://www.xinzeinsulationfasteners.com/

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