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1500Puffs Disposable Vape


Puffs: 1500Material: Aluminum+PC
E-liquid Capacity: 5MLBattery Capacity: 850mAh
Nicotine: CustomizeCoil: Organic cotton oil
Resistance: 1.6惟
Tiny, rounded, and smooth in appearance
LEDs that shine and change color when you puff
Pre-filled with 5ml of e-juice and powered by an effective 850mAh battery
1500Puffs Luminous Closed Vape System
Mechanism, no buttons, luminous closed-vape system
Coils of premium organic cotton
Real flavor and a lot of vapor
Q1: Can we customize with our own brand?
A1: Yes, we're OEM/ODM whole process solutions vape supplier, specializing in product customization, logo design, package design, poster design and website construction. All these services are provided for free of charge.
Q2: Can I see the package design firstly?
A2: Yes, it's standard packing in the market, can show the box pictures for your reference.
Q3: Is it possible for your to send four or five pieces sample?
A3: Yes, we can send you samples.
OEM/ODM Whole Process
Passed Special Test of all product
1. Simulated 3000m Altitude Air-pressure Test;
2. -20掳C - +60掳C Temperature Testing;
3. Salt Spray Test;
4. Appearance Test (wear-resistant, sweat, hardness, adhesion, etc.)
5. Functional Test (suction, leakage, battery capacity, battery resistance, short circuit protection
6. Life Test ( battery self-discharge, negative pressure leakage, etc.)
7. Simulated Transport Drop Test, Vibration Test, Soake Test.1500Puffs Disposable Vape


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